Innovative and Environmentally Sustainable Solutions

24/7 Emergency Response

Bartlett’s Environmental has dedicated teams on call for 24 hour emergencies and customer urgencies.


Bartlett’s Environmental is focused on providing innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions.

As a family owned and operated company we believe in putting people and planet first.

We dedicate considerable time, resources and energy into constant research and improvements to our technology and processes so that we stand out from the crowd at the forefront of innovation in an ever-changing climate.

Our staff are invested, we are proud to consistently meet and exceed project outcome expectations despite location, scope and difficulty because we thrive on community engagement, customer satisfaction and transparency of data.



Emergency Response

Bartlett’s Environmental has dedicated teams on call for 24 hour emergencies and customer urgencies of all sizes. Our teams work efficiently to ensure any negative impact an incident may have on the environment or our customer is minimised. To contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; phone 03 5248 7955 and speak to our friendly and helpful staff.

Through innovation, to be the leading provider of sustainable environmental management services in Victoria.

We will develop strategic relationships with our customers and business partners to work collectively in the delivery of effective and efficient outcomes. We will utilise innovative methodology and technology to provide sustainable solutions and manage environmental risk.


Bartlett’s are focused on the conservation of the environment and implementation of sustainable practices. We have a range of innovative technology and equipment that reduce environmental impacts as a result of more resourceful water use, waste minimisation techniques and more efficient transportation.

Bartlett’s Environmental specialises in providing a variety of asset, liquid waste and environmental solutions for a range of authorities, organisations and businesses throughout Victoria. We have earnt our reputation from taking on innovative technology and our ability to adapt to provide the most effective solutions for our clients. We recognize that different industry sectors have different needs and requirements. However, one thing they all have in common is the desire to utilize reliable service providers offering greater choice of environmentally sustainable alternatives.



What Clients Say?

The whole team at Bartlett’s have been around to help us out of sticky situations since we built and commissioned the brewery in 2013. The have been really flexible at short notice and got involved in working out the right solutions for us, across brewery waste, storm water and by product management. I hope to have their continued support to keep the beer flowing.

Miles, Brewing Manager at Little Creatures Brewery

Working with the ever-reliable Bartlett’s Environmental means not having to worry about the management of our KFC stores’ liquid waste so we can get on with business. It gives us piece of mind knowing that our waste is disposed of in a safe and sustainable manner

Scott, KFC

As a Business we are very happy with the Bartlett’s service, it occurs in the background with very little to worry about. The service comes with a visit report which I appreciate as it keeps me up to date with what is going on in the stores.

Anthony, McDonalds (Lamrit)

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