Case Study

Level Crossing Removal Authority

About the Level Crossing Removal Project
The Victorian Government established the Level Crossing Removal Authority in 2015 to oversee the elimination of 50 dangerous level crossings across Metropolitan Melbourne, whilst also upgrading and constructing new stations and maximising the benefit of the created open spaces for the affected communities.

The Issue

Kororoit Creek Road and the Melton Highway are two highly used roads with in excess of 18 million travelers each year. Hydro-excavation, vacuum loading and asset location is required during the effective removal of these crossings and the consequential construction of replacement rail infrastructure.

The Solution

Bartlett’s accredited workforce and extensive fleet are subcontracted to provide hydro-excavation, vacuum loading and CCTV inspection services to help relocate assets such as power, drainage, gas and water services and fuel pipelines, as well as the installation of new storm water lines and pits.

The Outcome

Bartlett’s Environmental is currently working on the construction at Kororoit Creek Road and has completed works at Melton. This will create better freight connections, improve traffic flow and remove the risk of rail related incidents, creating a safer passage for commuters, pedestrians and cyclists.

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