Case Study

Winslow Land Development

About Extensive Land Development
Each year Councils and Water Authorities accept the handover of millions of dollars in assets and infrastructure from land developers and project teams installing new and upgrading old infrastructure in urban and industrial land
development settings.

The Issue

As the majority of this infrastructure is underground, the quality and technical correctness of the installation is very difficult for Councils to verify. In the past, the only information available for audit was sourced at ground level, including at most information from pits and the first few meters of each conduit.

The Solution

Bartlett’s have been engaged by large civil contractors, such as Winslow, to utilise their industry leading technology to solve this issue. Closed-circuit television asset inspection equipment is used to deliver accurate visual inspection of underground assets and infrastructure. All Bartlett’s CCTV operators undertake extensive training on the WSAA Conduit Inspection Reporting Code ensuring all asset inspection activities are carried out in accordance with the most up to date reporting code.

The Outcome

The provision of these inspections, along with drain-cleaning, hydro-excavation and high pressure cleaning services ensures that job time frames are met, and possible problems with infrastructure is quickly identified and resolved, avoiding possible financial burden to the client.

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