CCTV Inspections

Bartlett's environmental use industry leading, state of the art and fully transportable closed-circuit television equipment to complete planned or emergency response inspections in Victoria and beyond.

Reveal the blind spots in your project plan with our comprehensive PDF or DVD reports, identifying the structural condition of new and existing drains, sewers and other underground assets complete with JPEG and MPEG images. Bartlett's CCTV survey inspections for all types of pipes and conduits will provide a clear representation of your pipeline condition.

Remote locations are no longer an issue, as our state of the art equipment is fully transportable in environmentally friendly vehicles. All operators are fully qualified to the industry standard and will ensure all work is completed to Bartlett's high standard.

Inspections can be coupled with additional services, such as our innovative spot-spray intrusive root treatment, water jetting, drain cleaning and hydro-excavation. Browse our services to investigate how Bartlett's can most effectively provide project solutions.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection is the most effective way of identifying issues with underground assets. Prevent job issues and project delays whilst meeting your regulatory obligations prior to the commencement of works by partnering with Bartlett's Environmental.

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