Confined Space Entry

Minimise your risk and potential financial burdens by engaging qualified and highly-experienced Bartlett's Environmental personnel to complete any work involving confined space entry.

Confined spaces include:

  • Wet wells
  • Pump stations
  • Gross pollutant traps
  • Manholes
  • Drains
  • Storage tanks
  • Pits
  • Silos

Choosing Bartlett's Operators over unskilled workers ensures that the correct precaution is taken and the right equipment and process is used to complete confined space entries, as regulated by the industry standard and Occupational Health & Safety guidelines.

Bartlett's Confined Space Entry Kits include:

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Gas detectors (data download available)
  • Harnesses and lifelines
  • Warning signs
  • Tripod and fall arrestors
  • Two-way radio communications
  • Boson chairs
  • Barricades

Our multi-skilled operators can combine this skilled service with other complimentary services required, such as vacuum loading or high-pressure cleaning, for efficient job completion.

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